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An Interview with… David, LWTC client

We interviewed David, who is on his seventh week of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme with Living Well Taking Control (LWTC). We asked him about his experiences of the programme, here’s what he had to say…

How did you join the LWTC programme?

My GP referred me because my HbA1c (blood sugar) level was high and I had a Body Mass Index of 43.

What have you learnt from participating in the LWTC programme?

The education program is exceptional. I now understand what diabetes is and the importance of :- reducing the health risks that diabetes entails, eating regularly, and eating healthily. We were taught for the first time ever why we need to focus on proteins, carbs, fats and how to put together healthy meals. We’ve had access to the web site of health exchange recipes and learned why, when and the amount of water we need to drink each day. We have been taught not just the importance of physical exercise but what exercise actually entails along with the need to achieve our personal exertion levels. One of the most eye-opening lessons was the session on how much sugar different foods contain, how all foods turn into glucose and how to understand food labels that aid us to choose healthy options.

What difference has being involved in the LWTC programme made to your health and wellbeing?

I have to say that for me it has been life changing. Due to the education that this program has provided, my lifestyle and eating habits have completely changed and in the few short weeks of implementing the changes I have lost weight and reduced my body fat and waistline.

What changes, as learnt through the LWTC programme, have you made to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and/or other health conditions?

1. Drinking 2 litres of water per day along with 1 glass ½ hour before eating.
2. Food choices at meal time (such as eating proteins even at breakfast) and eating new foods e.g. oily fish and reducing my portion sizes.
3. Reading and checking labels before purchasing food.
4. Exercising each day. I am walking 2 miles per day at present.
5. Reduced my tea drinking to 2 cups per day.
6. Being so enthusiastic about what I have learned and the changes I have made that I am constantly telling everyone I can about this programme.

How has being involved with LWTC increased your knowledge and confidence to stay motivated?

I feel this course has totally changed my life and outlook on life and to already be able to see results, it makes me feel very good and positive about myself and the future.

Have there been any unexpected outcomes from participating in the programme?

It has changed my life.

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