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Caroline and Lynda’s Story – Solihull Health Trainer Service

“I feel that a hand dipped into a dark hole and pulled me out!”

Caroline and Lynda

Lynda (left), 63 and Caroline (right), 41 attended NHS Health Checks at Core Library and were identified as having high cholesterol. They were referred from there into the Solihull Health Trainer service. They both had goals of losing weight and increasing physical activity in order to help reduce their cholesterol.

Following their initial assessments, they were both referred to Slimming World. They set goals to lose weight and do more exercise and were given Personal Health Plans and Behaviour Change Diaries. They used these to track their physical activity levels week by week.

They had regular review meetings with their Health Trainers where they discussed their progress with their goals and how they were getting on at Slimming World. Both Lynda and Caroline consistently lost weight and were extremely happy with their progress at each meeting with their Health Trainers.

Due to their fantastic progress, both clients were signed off from the Health Trainer programme very quickly. They continued to attend Slimming World to keep going with their weight loss. They both increase their wellbeing according to WEMWBS: Lynda went from 50% to 80% and Caroline 69% to 89%.

Caroline said: “I know I would not have got to where I am now without this support and experience. It has changed my life and I shall do everything I can to continue.”

Lynda said: “I feel that a hand dipped into a dark hole and pulled me out! I have hope now and more confidence. I am losing weight and my relationship with food and lifestyle has changed massively – I now care about what is on the inside as well as the outside. I could not have changed this aspect of my life without the support. Thank you.”

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