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Personal Stories

An Interview with… David, LWTC client

We interviewed David, who is on his seventh week of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme with Living Well Taking Control (LWTC). We asked him about his experiences of the programme, here’s what he had to say… How did you join the LWTC programme? My GP referred me because

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Margaret’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC

“This programme has not only made me a healthier person, but also a more confident person.” Margaret was referred to the diabetes prevention programme after a routine check-up with her GP, at which, her blood sugar was identified as being high. She has just completed the 7 week education phase

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Veronica’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC

Veronica has recently been diagnosed as being at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and also has COPD and Asthma which is controlled with medication. She has been attending the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme with Living Well Taking Control and has just finished the initial 7-week course. Veronica

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Sasha’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC

Sasha (not her real name) has participated in the Living Well Taking Control diabetes prevention programme. Although she has a busy lifestyle with full-time work and fostering she’s managed to change things for the better.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience of the course.   “The whole

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Samina’s Story – Birmingham Health Trainer Service

As we move into our final month of the Birmingham Health Trainer service, we have taken the opportunity to reflect back on the positive impact the service has had on the clients that have used it. Our holistic approach has always allowed us to help individuals not just with their

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Frederick’s Story – Wellbeing Coordinator Service

“Thank you for all your time and effort in putting all these things in motion.”   Frederick lives alone in his property and has a range of health issues which include repeatedly having mild strokes, a hip replacement and being deaf in one ear, with only 40% use of the

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Joyce and Mary’s Story – Wellbeing Coordinator Service

Joyce and Mary were two of the clients of the Wellbeing Coordinator service who received hampers at Christmas. Joyce Joyce is 84 years old and became isolated as the local bus service is too far from her house, and her family don’t live nearby to help her. The Wellbeing Coordinator

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Gulshan’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC

“I was shocked to discover I am pre-diabetic, because I am so young.”   As Gulshan is under 40, she did not expect that she could be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. However, after an ambulance call out to her house, paramedics identified that her blood sugar was

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Caroline and Lynda’s Story – Solihull Health Trainer Service

“I feel that a hand dipped into a dark hole and pulled me out!” Lynda (left), 63 and Caroline (right), 41 attended NHS Health Checks at Core Library and were identified as having high cholesterol. They were referred from there into the Solihull Health Trainer service. They both had goals

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Kristy’s Story – Solihull Health Trainer Service

“All the tips, encouragement and the talks… I wouldn’t have got this far without my Health Trainer.” Kristy was 29 years old when she was first referred to the Solihull Health Trainer service. She weighed 24st 5lb, had a BMI of 56.6 and had recently been diagnosed with Type 2

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