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Health Trainer Karolina

My name is Karolina and I joined the Birmingham Health Trainer team last year as a Nutrition Science graduate. Since my background is in nutrition and well-being, I am always excited about helping my clients in changing their eating and lifestyle habits. My experience at Health Exchange has helped me understand the importance of looking at health holistically: I can now advise clients on physical activity, changing their smoking and drinking habits as well as other areas of their life including mental well-being. One of the things, I love about being a Health trainer is talking to people, helping them and learning from them at the same time, which I find immensely fulfilling.

Karolina has received some excellent feedback from her client, Carol. Karolina has first started seeing Carol early this year and has helped her lose weight and become more mobile. She has since made amazing progress and achieved all her goals. See what Carol had to say about Karolina’s support.

“I received a request via my mobile phone from yourselves asking my opinion of Karolina who I have been seeing for some time.

Karolina is an extremely sensitive and pleasant person. She has helped me tremendously.

She is a very good listener and she was very thorough in her questions. She was also very kind in setting me some simple tasked to carry out in the time between our meetings. She is a soft person but also very strong in her belief in her ability to assist.

Karolina did assist me and I am feeling much better for being with her, listening to her advice and the goals she set me.

I feel very fortunate to have met such a nice young lady, whose aim was to help me. 



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