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Customer Satisfaction Highlights (Oct – Dec 2014)


Customer satisfaction is an important step in making sure professional and informative health services are provided to all clients.

Between October and December 2014, we received 710 surveys returned from clients accessing Health Exchange services. This is a significant increase of 35% in the customer satisfaction survey return level compared to the previous quarter. Moreover, it shows that greater emphasis is being placed on our customers’ feedback.

Furthermore, the average Net Promoter Score has been increased to a total of 90%, showing an improvement over the previous 2 quarters’ figures. This result not only shows respondents’ great satisfaction with the Health Exchange services accessed, but also the increased likelihood of former clients recommending our services to their family, friends or even community members. As the latter is concerned, a large amount of the clients who access Health Exchange’s stop smoking services during this quarter noted benefits not only to their closest family members, but also to their communities. This implies that the smoking cessation of the respondents influenced positively all 3 groups – a trend, not typical for all Health Exchange services considering their personal nature.

Moreover, Health Exchange’s score has remained above the 80% threshold since August 2013, showing a consistent service quality has been provided. Many organisations in an array of different sectors consider a score of 30% to be positive.


The wider social impact


Staff professionalism

Consistently with the previous quarter’s result, 90% of the respondents, or 579 clients, rated the staff professionalism as Excellent, with a further 60 (9%) considering it Good.

“This service gave me the kick start I needed to make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle. I have also reduced my alcohol consumption and lost weight as a result.” Birmingham Health Trainer


Information provided

570 of those 710 surveyed highly rated the information staff members provided them with.

 “ [My diabetes health supporter] helped me a lot and gave me information to manage my condition. I have already started to follow the tips given and I am feeling better now .” Living Well Taking Control Diabetes, Westbank

The help and advice given was incredibly useful. I now feel much more confident to breast feed without giving up (…)”  Breastfeeding Service

Personal benefit for clients

85% of former clients considered the Health Exchange service they accessed to have personally benefited them to a high degree.

I was very surprised to be told I had lost 6 ½ [cm] from my waist and 10 kilos in weight, I now attend the Netherton Health Hub between 2-3 times a week. I enjoy the exercise and meeting new people for me it has been a positive experience. Thank you” Dudley Health Trainer


How effectively did we adapt the service to meet your personal needs?

85% of the respondents said that the service was highly adapted to their personal needs.

“ [I was] very impressed with this one-to-ones. Confident service which enabled me to improve my diet and [understand the] importance of exercise. I’ve started walking.” Birmingham Health Trainer

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