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Frederick’s Story – Wellbeing Coordinator Service

“Thank you for all your time and effort in putting all these things in motion.”


Frederick lives alone in his property and has a range of health issues which include repeatedly having mild strokes, a hip replacement and being deaf in one ear, with only 40% use of the other ear. His daughter, Trish, cares for him when she is able to.

Frederick finds being in his home very isolating as a result of his hearing problems.  His daughter would like to take him out but this is not possible as the walk to and from the car is too far for him to manage. Both Frederick and his daughter want him to remain as independent as possible, for as long as he can.

Before accessing the Wellbeing Coordinator service, Frederick was extremely concerned about his hearing problems and frequent, recurrent ear infections. The Wellbeing Coordinator spoke to his GP about his concerns and the GP phoned Frederick to discuss these with him.

Trish and Frederick were very worried about him falling in the home, especially when he is alone. The Wellbeing Coordinator sent Frederick information and an application form for him to apply for a CareLine to be fitted into his home in case of falls.

There were also concerns about the outside of his property. The hedge surrounding his garden had not been trimmed and Frederick had trouble walking down his front path and leaving his house through the back door.  The Wellbeing Coordinator sent Age UK some recommended gardeners and also reported to the Housing Association about the hedge. Frederick was also referred to ACAP to have an OT assessment.

Finally, the Wellbeing Coordinator registered Trish to CERS and she was given a £50 voucher to help improve her wellbeing.

Frederick’s daughter recently emailed the Wellbeing Coordinator to update her on the progress of her father’s intervention. Here’s what she said:

“Many thanks for your email and message.  You must have been reading my mind, as I was going to email you to say that I have received the prepaid card – it arrived on Saturday morning.  I look forward to spending it!  I also had an email this morning from Birmingham City Council to say that they have granted Dad a blue badge – again many thanks for all your help with this.

[The Housing Association] sent a contractor out to trim the hedge behind his fence at the bottom of the garden!  However he still has to maintain the hedge around the perimeter of the property, and paid for a contractor to do this.

I also had a phone call from Social Services on Friday afternoon and they are going to send someone out to assess the steps to the front and back doors.  They also suggested putting grab rails either side of the front and back doors.  We also discussed a hand rail down the path.  They are sending someone out to assess the situation.  They also suggested a self-referral to a physiotherapist to see whether there is anything else they might be able to provide in the home to keep Dad mobile and independent. I am also now officially registered as Dad’s carer.

Finally, we had a phone call from Dad’s GP on Thursday with regards to his hearing problems, and she was able to reassure us that the Consultant could find no problems with his ears, and that the recurrent ear infections did not warrant further investigation.  This was reassuring.

However, last Wednesday Dad had a funny turn whilst in the bathroom.  He describes turning and the whole room spinning round, and he had to grab on to something quickly so as not to fall. The GP checked him over and has diagnosed him with having “benign postural periodic vertigo” and given him some exercises to do.

Dad has also received information about chiropodist services.

Thank you for all your time and effort in putting all these things in motion.  We really appreciate it.”

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