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Gift Exchange expansion – helping you to find support and activities in new areas

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What can we do for you?

Through the Big Lottery funded project Gift Exchange, we will work with you to determine your current wellbeing, and then refer you to appropriate organisations that enhance that wellbeing. We have two levels of support, the first being support for mental health (Access to IAPT services), and the second being a community level of support, where we utilise the support of community groups (befriending, yoga, arts and crafts, etc), support you to start your own programme and reconnect you with opportunities that can be found within your community. Our aim is to increase your confidence and self-esteem, look at ways to improve your social relationships, and identify employment or training opportunities for you to enter.

Where can you find us?

Gift Exchange initially launched in Edgbaston and we have now expanded into Ladywood and the surrounding areas. Next year, we aim to continue the expansion, covering Northfield and its surrounding areas. With each expansion, we find new activities, projects and organisations in those areas that can help you. We can often be found attending community activities and events, where you can come for an informal chat or for more information. All of our events are posted on our Twitter page.

How we have helped?

We have already supported hundreds of people to improve their wellbeing through Mental Health Support, and a range of community activities. An example of the work we do is: if a person comes to us feeling isolated and depressed, as a result of their isolation, we will make a referral into counselling for them, and also refer them to a community support they are interested in, to tackle the more practical side of isolation.

What next?

Through our continual growth, Gift Exchange endeavours to help even more people, and as a result, have launched an online platform (www.wellbrum.net) for the public to access. This site will allow you to create an account, complete your own wellbeing assessments, access information on community activities you are interested in, and make a referral to our service should you need help with this from a practitioner. The added advantage of this is that you can continue to access this site even when your support is over, as it is available to everyone, and regularly updated.

How can you contact us?

Facebook: @giftexchangewellbeing

Twitter: @giftexwellbeing

Phone: 0121 663 0904
(during Office Hours)

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