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Health Exchange supports people with COPD

Health Exc146739428248301hange, South Central CCG and Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust launched a new 48 week programme, called Breathe Well… Take Control, in July to support individuals living with C
hronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and their carers.

COPD is a major health problem in the UK.  Characterised by cough, phlegm and breathlessness, the condition lowers self-esteem, reduces mobility and negatively impacts on an individual’s quality of life.  It is the second most common cause of NHS emergency admission in the UK and causes 1 in 20 deaths.

The new programme aims to support people in a friendly, fun and interactive environment. The support includes free professional advice, art and music therapy, meditation, yoga, nutritious lunches and any other appropriate things  patients may wish to add.

Next event:
Wednesday, 7th September 11am – 2pm at The Norman Power Centre.

To book: loveyourlungs@healthexchange.org.uk




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