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Health Trainer’s Client Story of the Month

Client details

My client is a 40 year old female who both lives and works within the Dudley area. The lady is living at her parents’ house whilst awaiting her own house to be renovated in London.

Why was the client referred?

Since moving in with her parents, my clients’ diet had drastically deteriorated; she cited her circumstances and lack of personal space as being fundamental to this difficulty.

She ate very little – no fruit at all and as a result had a low BMI with the potential of falling further into an unhealthy weight rage. My client didn’t partake in any physical activity, drank alcohol rarely and was a non-smoker.

What support did you give this person?

Upon conducting an initial assessment with my client, we discussed her health priorities and focused upon how to implement some initial recommendations including eating a piece of fruit or having a nutritious breakfast each morning.

To record the information and to assist with her motivation I gave her a food diary to fill in. This allowed us to monitor her weekly improvements which included one meal-per-day at the start to a gradual increase of three meals per day plus healthy snacks.

Furthermore, we discussed quick and simple meals to try that would not take too much preparation and would counter her problem of not having her own kitchen.

My client has had three reviews following our initial meeting with all three meeting being held at her work place. After several reviews of her diet-diary, two goals were set: one to have a piece of fruit at 11 o’clock every day and one to swap biscuits for a porridge breakfast at least three days a week.

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My client today…

My client proudly achieved both of her goals with ease and now has a nutritious breakfast every day of the week!

She continued to keep a personal health-diary citing this as a great motivational factor in her lifestyle change. Her colleagues are aware of her continuing lifestyle alterations and she is delighted that they support her – and in some cases have even joined her!

My client plans to pursue and increase her lifestyle goals. She now feels a lot better within herself, having more energy and rarely feeling under the weather.

Once in her new home, she feels it will be even easier to prepare and make healthy meals.

A fantastic result!

What did you learn from helping this person?

I learnt that health issues can often be interlinked with current circumstances, and living-conditions can be a major contributor to a person’s health.

I also learnt that small, initial steps are the best way to start, and that they can frequently snowball into more fundamental lifestyle changes!

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