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Introducing the Better Life Consortium

Introducing…. the better life consortium

better life consortiumHealth exchange has worked in partnership with community and voluntary organizations since its launch. We believe that the partnership working both strengthens and enriches what we are able to our clients and significantly enhances the level of trust that individuals and communities feel towards health exchange.

Since 2012 health exchange has been an active member and director of the Birmingham mental health consortium. Our role in the consortium is to deploy our substantial project and contract management experience to strengthen the capacity of consortium members to deliver commissioned contracts. Health exchange has long believed that good data management and analysis ensures that we achieve and exceed contract requirements, and also  that we are able to contribute to the co-design and redesign of services to best meet the needs of users.

Health Exchange is currently working with the BMHC to implement a recovery based model of primary care mental health throughout the consortium membership with a view to delivering a much enhanced mental well-being offer that truly addresses the requirements of a super diverse community. The BMHC annual general meeting will see the launch of the training for consortium members, on the recovery based model and we intend to launch a full recovery based well-being service with our partners at Karis medical Centre and Birmingham South Central CCG, in April 2014.

As a member of the Better Life Consortium (BLC) Health Exchange is seeking to both strengthen the delivery capacity of the consortium and support the consortium’s intelligence and data management processes. The BLC is an example of a “consortium of the willing”, brought together by a number of key agencies, in this instance SIFA fireside and Aquarius, in order to respond to a tender opportunity that goes beyond the financial and delivery capability of any single agency. The consortium is built on mutual trust and consists of members who know and trust each other because of the long history of working collaboratively. This consortium is the first of, what I believe, will be a number of similar groupings that result from a long-term commitment to working together and supporting each other in the delivery of core business activities.

By working together with other agencies who share common values and principles and are equally committed to high quality and innovative service design and delivery, we will be able to deliver substantial, measurable and “real” social value for the benefit of Birmingham businesses and citizens.

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