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Joyce and Mary’s Story – Wellbeing Coordinator Service

Joyce and Mary were two of the clients of the Wellbeing Coordinator service who received hampers at Christmas.


Joyce is 84 years old and became isolated as the local bus service is too far from her house, and her family don’t live nearby to help her. The Wellbeing Coordinator registered Joyce for the Ring & Ride service and she has now been able to go out and meet with family and friends and to do her own shopping and become more independent. She is also looking to join a social group near to where she lives now that she has the opportunity for transport that will pick her up from outside her home.



Mary is 76 years and lives in a block of flats on the second floor, has many health problems and is a Stroke Survivor. Having no family or friends to visit her, Mary became very isolated and depressed. Mary was unable to leave her flat without help so the Wellbeing Coordinator arranged for Mary to attend one of the local Stroke Groups and registered her for the Ring & Ride Service so that she could get there. She has now made many friends within the group.

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