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Margaret’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC


“This programme has not only made me a healthier person, but also a more confident person.”

Margaret was referred to the diabetes prevention programme after a routine check-up with her GP, at which, her blood sugar was identified as being high. She has just completed the 7 week education phase of the course and is awaiting her first follow up.

Margaret said she came onto the programme with a negative view, thinking she already knew what she needed to do and wouldn’t learn anything.  However, following the education phase she has learned a great deal around healthy eating and the types of food that release energy slowly and keep her feeling fuller for longer. She also learned how to control her portion sizes and to pay more attention to food labels and look out for hidden salt and sugar.

Participation in the programme has made a big difference to Margaret’s health and wellbeing.  It has helped her to understand what to eat and what to avoid.

She said “By taking the advice and guidance given on the programme, I feel a lot healthier, I’m more active and my clothes are now hanging off me!”

Margaret is really happy at reaching a healthy weight.  She is also confident that her blood sugar levels will have decreased at her follow up.

Margaret said “I’ve made a lot of simple changes to my diet, such as having grilled food instead of fried, steamed veg instead of chips and wholemeal Ryvita instead of bread.”

The LWTC Facilitator said “Being involved with the LWTC programme has increased Margaret’s knowledge and confidence to shop for healthier foods and check the food labels. By understanding the complications of developing Type 2 Diabetes such as loss of vision, nerve damage, kidney failure and even amputation of limbs, Margaret is now motivated to stay healthy. Margaret is a lot more confident to make informed choices because she has a broader knowledge and understanding of diabetes, eating healthy, being active and positive mental wellbeing.”

When asked about additional benefits of the programme, Margaret said “I was a very shy person and wasn’t confident to speak up thinking I might say something wrong.  The sessions were delivered in a gentle manner, I was made to feel comfortable and not put under pressure to speak. A few simple questions were asked as to how we got on with the goals we set and changes we made around our health.  It was at that point that I started to speak up and started to come out of my shell.  I was fully participating and engaging in group discussions after week 3. It’s amazing to feel confident and speak up when you have always been known to be quiet.”

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