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Mark’s Story – Solihull Social Prescribing

“The activities I was introduced to through the Solihull Social Prescribing Service are keeping me mentally sound and helping me to enjoy my life to the full.”



Mark is 70 years old and a recent retiree. When he was working, he had long shifts and little time to spend with his family. His diet was poor and he often ate for convenience, regularly having fast food and takeaways. His health began to deteriorate and his GP told him he had high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Since retiring, Mark had become more isolated. His health problems had made him withdraw from family and friends. He didn’t feel like going to social gatherings and would make excuses to be on his own. He began feeling depressed and was given anti-depressant medication.

Mark was referred to the Social Prescribing Service by his GP, following concerns for his mental health and wellbeing.  He was given an initial appointment with the team where his needs were assessed and he was offered advice on weight management and a healthy diet. The assessment revealed that being on anti-depressants made Mark feel even more hopeless and that he was depriving himself from social activity.

Following the assessment, Mark was offered a Social Prescribing Plan of Action which was designed to increase his engagement in social activity. He chose to participate in bowls and line dancing, which he attended three times a week. He also joined a Slimming World group to help improve his health.

After participating in the activities, he began to feel better and happier within himself. He felt that the activities were beneficial as you can be spurred on by other people and share in your achievements. He also achieved great success at Slimming World, losing six kilograms in four weeks! While attending these activities he made new friends who he now meets regularly on social basis.

The Social Prescribing Service has helped Mark to get back on track with his life and supported him to achieve his goals and improve his mental and physical health for the future. He said: ‘’This is keeping me mentally sound and helping me enjoy my life to the full.’’

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