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Mrs Hall’s Story – Solihull Social Prescribing

“The Social Prescribing service has given me a purpose to my day… I have learned that I am not alone in this world.”


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Mrs Hall is 51 years of age and has suffered with depression most of her adult life.  She has been admitted to a psychiatric ward on a number of occasions. She has always received support from psychiatrists and her GP at Lyndon Clinic. Recently, she was referred to the Social Prescribing service because she was feeling very low and isolated.

Before her engagement with Health Exchange, Mrs Hall approached her GP having been discharged from Lyndon Clinic where she was seeing a psychiatrist regularly. The appointments were to make sure she was coping and review her anti-depressant use. Her mood was very low and she was struggling to find the confidence to join groups or organisations.

Mrs Hall was referred to the Social Prescribing Service to help her to access social activities. As a result, Mrs Hall is now engaged in voluntary work with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, every Thursday.

She chose the Wildlife Trust because she enjoys being out in the open and amongst nature. She wanted a calming and quiet place where she could help and also enjoy the outdoors and the natural surroundings.  She found the people at the trust are young, enthusiastic and very friendly. It has given her something to do which is what she felt she needed.

She has also started the Doc Spot at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre and is currently going to the gym once a week, which she will be increasing to twice a week.

Mrs Hall has become much more engaged and involved with the community. She wanted to do something to challenge her mind so she plucked up the courage to attend The Reading Café. She found the small group of people who attend are interesting, friendly and have a wealth of knowledge on all genres of books. She has also been on a walk with the Striders and Strollers group at Hobs Moat Library. She found the walk relaxed and got talking to other walkers and was pleased she had attended.

Social Prescribing has given her a timetable which gives structure to her week and allows her to do the activities she enjoys.  She is now attending a variety of groups. In her own words: ‘’It has given a purpose to my day, it has made me go out and attend the classes and get involved with voluntary work.  I was hibernating at home and not socialising enough before. I still have to push myself to do the activities, with time this should become easier and my life should improve. I have learnt new skills at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, along with learning to socialise again. At the gym I have a programme to improve my fitness level and I am learning about my body’s limits as I improve my fitness. I have learned how to lose myself in a book, even for a short amount of time. I have also learned that I am not alone in this world and there are people who, for whatever reason, attend groups to meet and socialise with other people, to share common interests and to get pleasure from doing so.’’

“Thank you [to my facilitator] for helping me to get involved with all of these groups. The Health Exchange is doing a wonderful job.”

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