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Michael Wilson, Wellbeing Coordinator

Michael Wilson, Wellbeing Coordinator
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Email: Michael.Wilson@healthexchange.org.uk

Michael Wilson is a Wellbeing Coordinator  at Health Exchange.

The Wellbeing Coordinator programme aims to make a positive impact on patients mental, social and physical wellbeing. We work closely with GP’s and community organisations to better a client’s lifestyle.

''I have been involved in community development and community cohesion for several years. I have worked as a community development manager, a family support worker and more recently I have been a residential care worker for young people, also a parenting practitioner with the NHS for over 6 years.
In my personal life, I have also been a long-term carer, and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that my role as a Wellbeing Coordinator will bring to the communities of Birmingham.''

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