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Michaela Griffiths, Wellbeing Coordinator

Michaela Griffiths, Wellbeing Coordinator
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Email: Michaela.Griffiths@healthexchange.org.uk

Michaela Griffiths is a Wellbeing Coordinator, who takes a holist view of the clients needs making on-going assessment's over time and across visits. The service is an intervention designed to support older people to experience healthier and happier lives. Taking a qualitative approach preventing social isolation through social prescribing. Wellbeing Coordinators act as sounding boards social prescribing to befriending services or social groups and providing a listening ear.

Michaela is also a Visiting Lecturer for the Faculty of Education, Health & Well-being at Wolverhampton University. Having completed her first degree in Physical Activity Exercise & Health & Masters in Research in Exercise & Sport, she gets personal and professional fulfilment from carrying out independent research; Michaela's main interest is in the field of health and wellbeing having a specific interest in exploring the impact of Motivational Interventions. Michaela's research is primarily grounded in the field of social psychology that is underpinned by theories and methods. In particular, she is interested in descriptive and intervention research studies conducted in real-world clinical settings that will demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of an intervention.

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