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Health Trainer Anne

Anne Thomas works at Health Exchange as a Health Trainer.  Anne is very passionate about her job role.  Here is what she has to say about working with a typical client:


I started seeing Client X on 1st December 2015, she is a returning client and has struggled to maintain her weight loss since I last saw her. Client X is 27 years old and has a learning disability. She lives independently but is supported by carers 3 days per week with cleaning, shopping and household management etc. She is very keen to make changes but in reality finds it hard to put them in to practise on a daily basis. When she first started this process in December she was being supported by a different charity to the one that is supporting her now.

Situation before engagement

Client X weighed 113.5 KG and had a BMI of 35.9 when we started working together in December. She was keen to make changes in both physical activity and diet. However she was unable to immediately start making changes with PA due to a painful arthritic ankle. She did try to focus on dietary changes but her progress was slow between reviews. In April she changed support services and got a new key worker. Since this change her progress has been much better. Her key worker has come with her to her review meetings and was able to put me in the picture of Client Xs food intake which was quite different to what she had been telling me. We were then able between the 3 of us to set objectives and change shopping patterns. Having someone in the community who was able to support this client to buy the right foods and start to get rid of the fizzy drinks and cake etc that was in her flat has made a huge difference .

What I did with the client

Setting goals with client X and being able to have frank discussions with her with the support of her key worker and the regular monitoring from the key worker seems to have helped to make the difference that was required. It has been a very useful bit of partnership working between our 2 organisations for the good of the client. She has started weekly swimming sessions and is eating very much more healthily now. She seems to be understanding the difference between eating cake etc as a treat as opposed to a daily behaviour.

Current Situation

We have one more meeting booked which is to be the sign off. Client X has lost 6KG since March 2016 and is enjoying the feeling of succeeding with her goals. I feel reassured that with the support of her key worker she can continue to make the changes required to start to reach a healthy weight and have a much healthier lifestyle in the long term.

At the end of our engagement my client said: “I like seeing you Anne you have really helped me”

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