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Sasha’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC

Sasha (not her real name) has participated in the Living Well Taking Control diabetes prevention programme. Although she has a busy lifestyle with full-time work and fostering she’s managed to change things for the better.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience of the course.


The whole process of the Living Well Taking Control programme has been excellent, I’ve been really committed and learned a lot through the course.  I’ve been on the course since October 2016 and have become increasingly more healthy and active on the way.  I’ve been doing a lot more walking which has been a pleasure and my husband has been joining me. 

By learning different kinds of health benefits through the course, I’ve been very careful and reduced my salt and sugar intake and started using less oil.  I’ve stopped frying items of food and I’ve swapped it for baking and I also eat more fruit and veg which I was having less of before.

The Facilitator has supported me and encouraged me throughout, she even came to my home to deliver the 8 week review which was brilliant because I had an important call I could not cancel.  I will carry on with the changes in my lifestyle and really appreciate the support. Thank you.”


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