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Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange brings people in the local community together, to share their skills and passions and support each other in better wellbeing.

The practitioners who run Gift Exchange will:

· Create a platform of togetherness for different people, volunteers and individuals in need of wellbeing support

· Support you in improving your wellbeing

· Provide opportunities for local people to engage in social activities

· Match your hobbies and interests with others in your community

· Connect you to the activities in the community that you enjoy

· Support you to use YOUR skills to create new programmes

· Become a community ambassador

We will work with you to discover your interests and unlock your potential! You will be given the chance to exchange your gifts and talents with other people, and possibly even start your own programme!
The types of assets we can offer are:

· Physical activity

· Culture

· Eating well

· Learning

· Meeting people

· Employment including training

· General Activity

We can also help you to access the following support:

· Drugs and alcohol

· Health and safety

· Help and advice

· Transport

· Work and finance

· Health support groups

· Domestic violence support

· Counselling

If you would like to discover what is in your local community, volunteer, or involve your project, or start something new: Call 0121 663 0904 or email scwcsu.wellbeingteam@nhs.net
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