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Kidstime workshops provide support for children and young people who are affected by sibling or parental mental illness.

We offer children a place to get involved in activities and meet other children who understand their situation.
These workshops are for both the children and their families. The aim is to provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for them to talk about the issues they may be facing in everyday family life, and provide support for them to overcome the fears and stigma associated with mental illness. We facilitate a warm up activity with everyone, and then the parents will go into a clinical workshop, and the children will start the Drama Therapy and create a movie.
The workshops are free and happen once a month, with refreshments and pizza at each one.
If you would like to attend the workshops, please call 0121 663 0904 or email scwcsu.wellbeingteam@nhs.net.

“I am glad I bought the children, they have not stopped talking about Kidstime. They really enjoyed it and kept asking me: ‘When is [the Facilitator] going to call us, we want to go back!’ They keep playing the game that [the Facilitator] made up, they would love to come back, and not just for the pizza!”


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