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Veronica’s Story – Preventing Diabetes: LWTC

Veronica has recently been diagnosed as being at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and also has COPD and Asthma which is controlled with medication. She has been attending the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme with Living Well Taking Control and has just finished the initial 7-week course.

Veronica found the course brilliant, she said:

“Without the elements of support and guidance I would not be feeling so good right now.  I’ve changed my eating pattern by cutting out bread, which I used to have every day and I have cut down on potatoes. I used to have a glass of wine every day and now I’m only having a glass once a week.”

“I’ve started doing more activity by joining a local gym, I go swimming and go to Aquafit each week.  I feel the exercise has helped me no end – I feel less stressed and have lots more energy.  I’ve also joined a slimming club and I have lost 4lbs in 3 weeks.” 

“With my health; my breathing feels better and I’m not using my blue inhaler as much since I’ve started doing this activity. My sleeping pattern was not very good before, but since I’ve started this course and doing more activity my sleeping pattern had changed.  I have a wonderful sleep each night, I cannot believe it’s made such a difference!”

“I would recommend other people to go on this programme, it’s changed my life and I’m feeling very focused and motivated. I thank [my facilitator] for all her support on the course, without her I would not feel the way I do now.”


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