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What makes Stoptober so effective – and can it help you?

October is the month when the NHS actively campaigns to raise awareness of the health issues associated with smoking and encourages smokers to quit. The research shows that if you quit smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit for good and so far over 1 million people have used Stoptober to help them quit!

So what is it that makes Stoptober so effective? Perhaps you have tried to quit before and you are thinking – why would this make it any easier?

Stoptober offers a number of tools to support you with quitting once you sign up, including: daily email support, inspiration from successful quitters, access to the Stoptober app for 24/7 support and instant support from Facebook Messenger when cravings strike. You are also in good company, knowing that thousands of other people are trying to quit with you. This sense of community, especially on social media, can be a great source of extra motivation to keep going when it gets tough.

Whether you have been giving Stoptober a go all month or want to start now, our Stop Smoking Advisors have some extra tips for you:


Our Stop Smoking Advisor Stephanie says:

· Don’t put off quitting, there is never ‘a good time’ to stop, so the best time is now!

· It is never too late to feel the benefits of stopping smoking, no matter your age.

· We all have stress in our lives, it can be managed by you rather than cigarettes.


Our Stop Smoking Advisor Lerone says:

· Be practical and have a realistic plan to help with the cravings, and triggers that cause you to smoke. Doing something that will involve both your mind and your hands  works best. For example: adult colouring books, Sudoku/crosswords, walking the dog, spending time with your children or partner, doing that job in the house you  have been putting off, breathing exercises, phoning a friend for a chat or learning a new skill.

· Open a separate bank account. Transfer the money you would have spent on cigarettes each day. With Christmas around the corner, it would be a good amount to buy  gifts with.

· Ask for help from your partner, family, friends, or sign up for a Quit Smoking programme such as the one Health Exchange offers in Tipton, West Bromwich, Wednesbury, Walsall and Wolverhampton – and we’ll support you all the way.

Our Black Country Stop Smoking service offers personalised one-to-one support and nicotine replacement therapy to make your journey towards becoming smoke-free easier. Research shows that having support from a Stop Smoking service makes you up to four times more likely to quit.


Here is what three of the people we have helped have to say about the service:

“My health has improved dramatically since stopping and I’ve also saved lots of money. I’m really pleased I’ve stopped, thanks for the support!”

“I found it hard at first but gradually improved in all areas. I had been smoking since I was 14 years old. Improvements are great as I am now 73 years old.”

“Health Exchange’s Stop Smoking programme has helped me not only physically, but mentally. I am grateful for all the patience my advisor had for me; spending extra time with me as I was going through a stressful time. Not only the medicine, but being able to talk to the advisor has helped me to achieve my goal. I am smoke free now and have started feeling the difference. I feel more positive each day.”


If you would like to sign up for our service, call 0121 663 0007 or visit www.qssupport.co.uk for more information.

To access the NHS’ Stoptober campaign resources visit the Stoptober website.

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